How Advantageous Is A Career of Multi-Ratna Jobs Through IOCL ONGC And BHEL Recruitment 2013

There are few government organizations which head the market with their turn overs and status. A good pay, good facilities, decent work culture and most importantly job satisfaction is what we all like to have in the place we work. We always want some understanding from our seniors and some time to take advantage of the facilities that our company provides us. Government work profiles are the ones that follow a better work culture and provide us everything that we want. Working with a public sector allows us to avail many amenities. These amenities and facilities are somewhat limited in the other working sectors. There are many reputed and well-paying organizations affiliated with the government sector and they offer an advantaged edge for the aspirants who want to go for such job opportunities.

The recruitment processes of these firms are being changed with the upcoming competition and job market scenario. ONGC and IOCL have been in the Maharatna status of companies being operated under the government of India. The ONGC being considered as one of the well-paying organizations in India, ONGC recruitment 2013 saw significant change in recent years. The rules and selection norms for ONGC have become stringent and the candidates chosen are more and more competent and efficient. Due to the work environment and the composite process of remuneration, ONGC has bagged the most prestigious award of ‘Most Preferred Employer’ recently.

In line of ONGC, the IOCL recruitment 2013 is following that advantageous path of success and is being regarded as one of the most preferred recruitment processes in the industry. With modernization the working system has witnessed a complete score of refinement and is now offering top class competition to its counter parts in the industry. As the recruitment procedure is getting streamlined, more competent workforce are joining the industry with IOCL and there by the process of quality manpower, as well as productive ability are also improving a lot. With changes in the work culture and other staff welfare facilities jobs with companies like IOCL and ONGC are considered to be of top repute among the job aspirants from every academic background.

Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL) is another such company closely following the preference the ladder of job seekers. BHEL has been conferred with the Navratna status by the Government of India. The employees are offered with numerous amenities with high standard of perks and remunerations with this company. The BHEL recruitment 2013 has witnessed a huge appreciation through the recent years for its high standard of job profiles and associated facilities with convenient working environments. Although the recruitment procedure for BHEL is not very much different from the other job sectors, its highly imperative to get the best of job opportune as an when they come, whether they are from Maharatna companies like IOCL or ONGC or be that from the Navratna company like BHEL.

Choosing a promising career is a matter of focus and acute insight. When you have that advanced level of academics and skills, you must try with such a versatile job profile. With a dedicated preparation and a singular goal for a highly promising job, you can surely grab some of the best opportunities for building your successful career.

Getting A Foot In The Recruitment Door

Whatever industry you are in, there will be people aspiring to be like you, but when it comes to recruitment this is a lucrative business that so many people want a part of. With outsourcing almost becoming standard for big companies, and high commissions on offer for ideal matches there are ample opportunities out there.

Challenging and rewarding are two things that people often say about the industry when they speak about it. That said, there are always going to different levels of success for every person while the size and styles of companies can lead to either positive or negative viewpoints of this part.

Understanding the job description

The first thing to understand is what the job actually entails. In its simplest form, being a recruitment consultant is about finding and attracting top candidates for temporary or permanent roles. What you will be doing is working with the client companies to understand their requirements and needs through a strong relationship.

Once this is done, it’s all about networking and headhunting to find the potential candidates for the position, before screening and interviewing them, ahead of background checks and matching. Typical activities would be – amongst many other things – searching, reviewing and advertising.

Entry requirements

While the top degree to hold for this industry is human resources, it tends to be open for every graduate. While there are certain qualities that a good recruiter will possess, holding market or industry related degrees can prove the difference. These include:

– You need to be capable of handling pressure and meeting deadlines because this is part and parcel of the job.

– Have confidence and ambition.

– Be creative.

– Be financially motivated.

– Have great communication and interpersonal skills.

– Work well in a team.

– Possess the ability to create sales and solve problems.

With fierce competition, it is always beneficial to be able to boast experience in customer-oriented sales and marking. With the recruitment industry now thought to be home to more than 100,000 employees, it’s even more possible than ever to get a successful career through this.

Developing your career

People learn most of their skills on the job, but there are always ways to develop your career outside working hours. With many books showing how some people made it to the top, a trainee recruitment consultant can know the route to travel that will take them to the top.

Progression tends to be based solely on success because of the target driven industry that you will be working in. It’s all about showing how good you are, and while nobody likes a show off you can’t keep your head down if you’re going to get to the top.

Planning to Hire Recruitment in Bristol? Ask These Questions

If you a fresh graduate who is now ready to gain good exposure and professional experience, chances are high that you are looking for a good recruitment agency. However, to stay on the safe side and fulfill your aims within a fixed time, it is critical that you follow certain strategies during your search for recruitment companies Bristol. In this article, we will discuss some questions you should ask, before trusting a recruitment consultant Bristol.

How long you have been in the business?

If you are interested in working with top-level companies, it is advisable that you go for an agency that possesses good experience in this field. This is because a company that takes time in building its reputation over time usually manages to gain high-profile companies as its clients. A new or inexperienced company, on the other hand, may not have good companies as its clients.

Is the initial registration free or do I have to pay?

Asking this question is important because different agencies have different payment policies. While some demand a fee for initial registration, others expect payment, only when you are successfully placed in a company. Clarifying these issues beforehand will help you to chalk out your budget and avoid unwanted hassles later.

Do I need to modify my CV?

If you are feeling surprised reading this above question, do not worry. Many candidates (especially new ones) do not understand the importance of asking such a question. Well, it is crucial to ask this question; since it helps you evaluate an agency perfectly.

While a good agency always asks you to polish your CV, an inexperienced one may simply overlook it. For this reason, hiring an agency that provides with resume writing and interview tips can be a good idea.

Once I submit my resume, how long it would take to get a response?

This again, depends from one company to the other. While a good company will give you an approximate time limit, a new or inexperienced one may or may not give you a definite answer. However, consider the fact that depending on your expertise and state of job market in Bristol, you may get calls within the given time limit or may have to wait for a few days more.

Use these tips for choosing a good recruitment agency and thus, maximize your job search. We wish you all the best.

Key Employers In Swansea

With a population of almost 170,000 Swansea is the second largest city in Wales. Originally known for its involvement in the copper smelting industry during the industrial revolution Swansea has now developed into a desirable area to work and live. In addition to fantastic views and waterfront activities such as sailing, waterskiing and surfing Swansea also features an increasing number of key companies that offer jobs in the area. Below are some of those companies.

3M – Companies don’t get much bigger than 3M who posted global sales of $27 billion in 2010 and employ more than 80,000 employees globally. Fortunately, some of those jobs are in Swansea at 3M’s Penllergaer office. In the UK 3M manufacturer a vast range of different products including abrasives and coatings right through to passport scanners.

Admiral Group Plc – The Admiral Group includes Elephant insurance, Admiral Insurance and Bell and generated revenues of almost 1.6 billion in 2010. Importantly two out of three of Admiral Groups offices are based in Wales with one located on Swansea Waterfront. As such, if you’re looking for jobs in the Swansea area make sure that the Admiral Group is high on your list.

Amazon – Amazon is one of the biggest, if not the biggest e-commerce company in the world. They currently boast over 144 million customer accounts and have 50 fulfilment centres around the world which combined take up more than 26 million square feet. One of these fulfilment centres is based in Swansea and adds valuable jobs to the area.

BT – The BT Tower, home to BT Group is the second largest building in Swansea and stands at an impressive 63m in height. The BT Group is a leading communications services supplier, employs over 90,000 people and posted revenues of 20,076m in 2011. The BT Tower can be located near to Swansea Castle and provides many jobs for residence of Swansea and the surrounding areas.

Bemis – Bemis is an American company that employs over 20,000 people globally and recorded sales of $4.8 billion. Their Swansea based operation specialises in the production of shrink bags and tubing that are used as food packaging. Impressively, the packaging that is produced by Bemis in Swansea finds its way to 35 countries.

Whilst the above is not intended to be an exhaustive list of large companies based in Swansea it does demonstrate the areas ability to attract large credible businesses. This in turn is great for both the local economy and the residence of Swansea who benefit from the jobs generated by these companies.

Add Power to Your Job with Green Innovation

With green as the buzzword for corporate as well as individuals’ programmes, it becomes a formidable task for professionals handling jobs in power and energy sector to keep pace with their colleagues and competitors alike. It is of little wonder that employers applaud and promote those individuals to senior management jobs in power and energy who can recognize the importance of, and prepare an innovative applicability of, green energy from sources such as wind, biomass, geothermal and solar resources. Professionals in this field are faced by new challenges always and need to develop high levels of technological, scientific and mathematical skills along with the ability to innovate.

Learned and experienced men and women may argue that innovation is the key to success in every career. That’s true, but the fact remains that the demand for reliable and eco-friendly power is on a constant upward spiral, but supply, on the other hand, has not been able to match this pace. This is a gap that everyone wants to narrow, especially those associated with senior management jobs in power and energy. It is the managers who face the mammoth task of ensuring the growth of their company and country by providing solutions for cheap, convenient and consistent energy output. They are well aware that only those individuals will achieve success at a senior manager’s job in power and energy who are innovators of energy sources and optimizers of resources.

Another facet that is very important for senior professionals in the power & energy field is adaptability to changing technologies and ensuring that companies benefit the environment as much as they are benefitting from them. Changing industry climates and technologies force every individual in, or aspiring to be in a senior manager’s job in power and energy sector to keep abreast with the newest energy sources and their effective adaptations in plants and units that they are associated with. Every employer wants its professionals in senior management jobs in the power and energy sector to embrace opportunities that utilize green sources of energy.

Industrial units, mid-level businesses and top corporate houses that face challenges of managing power and energy issues all are eager to hire highly-experienced power and energy professionals to their senior management positions. Individuals who have an in-depth understanding of sustainable energy sources, can lead with innovation and implement energy-saving initiatives are the ones that they want to hire. Professionals in the field can easily be in touch with such employers through online recruitment firms. Today, senior managers who are not satisfied with the scope of their responsibilities or those looking to expand on their inherent abilities can seek help of online recruitment firms to find that perfect job in power and energy sector.

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Move Your Career to Greater Heights Finding Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the beautiful, faster growing and well developed country in the world. This country offers wide and amazing opportunities to meet specifications of the individual. Singapore always welcome and encourages different foreign talent each and every year and offer jobs specially in IT sector, Banking, Financial, Telecom, manufacturing and construction and many more. This country stands as one of the most powerful and strongest country in terms of economy and financial growth. One may find higher chances of finding a good job profiles. Though the country is small, but it is rich in a variety of industries that could accomodate foreign nationals. Since the country is diverse, one can get wide work opportunities suitable for foreign market.

From marketing, media, public relations to finance, there are so many options available. This country has a lot of graphic design firms and so many other industries are being filled by foreign populations. Multinational companies in Singapore are continually bringing in more developments and new technologies that will add up another level for the professionals and offering different jobs in Singapore. Go for recruiting specialists which will help you and your company end the search for quality human resources. They provide their client organisation with world class service and high quality candidates. Always ready to take steps to qualify their candidates to ensure a 100% match to each job specifications. These recruitment agencies firstly assess you and your capabilities so that you can get your job accordingly.

Some agencies aim at providing high quality professional services accessing best opportunities at client companies. They help their candidates fulfilling all the basic needs of the recruitment process. Firstly they discussed their needs before submitting CV to a client, Give a brief detail about client before interview ensuring that you are completely prepared. Give constructive feedback to you on your CV and on interviews. Makes you informed at each level of the process and provides you with the highest levels of customer service.

Find the agency which will offer free services to their candidates to help in maximising their career potential and providing perfect job in Singapore. They helps you in planning you career which will achieve you both the personal and professional goals. Aiming to create a winning resume in which you need to know what all things should take in and what not. Helps you in preparing for interviews providing you all the questions that may be asked. If you are working currently somewhere then they helps you in resigning gracefully without burning bridges.

Underestimated Avenues For Job Search

Everyone wants good job opportunity given by reputed company. Millions are looking and digging the same places. No one is trying to reach to those opportunities which are not in flash but might give better employment than others. There are other unique avenues for searching jobs which are not only good for employment but also for experience. Below are the points referring to various outstanding places for finding jobs:

Non-profit Organizations in society:

While searching for job you might have courage to work for society. Don’t let your dream be wasted. Just join any Non-profit organization and put your strength for serving the society. While doing so you will come in contact with such people who are also passionate about it. You are benefited by their influences on your personality.

Volunteer Organizations:

If you believe in helping others in their needs and you have leisure time, you can do nice things for the society. Besides helping others, you can meet those people who are courageous doing it before you came. These people might be belonging to the well-known companies and working as leaders there. If you are volunteering with these people, you may grab opportunities to work at their company.

Small companies:

Small scale companies with less capital investment and revenues may lack in building the position in market, but they may provide more flexibility in working. These companies can adopt flexibility and have potential to provide interesting and challenging job roles. Avoid neglecting them and prove yourself by working with difficult jobs.

Commercial loan officers:

If you have interest in analyzing companies, their management, functions, financial position etc., you can join to the commercial banks as a commercial loan officer. Banks need persons with such interests to know about those companies’ financial positions, management people, day-to-day transactions to earn profits and ability to pay back loans to banks.

Venture capitalists and equity buyout firms:

They need persons with degree in finance subject and know the current economic conditions of the world. If you have expertise in financial transactions, you can help venture capitalists and equity buyout firms. You can work there as a consultant to show path to invest their money in emerging and reliable companies. You can also take part in internal work of these companies.

Trust/estate bankers and lawyers:

These bankers and lawyers have a power to manage monetary transactions of the trusts and estates. Along with that they show interest in managing internal structure, business transactions and its expansion. They actually protect legal assets of the clients. They also seek for emerging talents and give them opportunities.

In conclusion it is remembered that, spend more time in searching such new avenues and try out there. Once you find a single way among these avenues, your career life will become graceful.

Important Reasons to Consider Using a Miami Headhunter

Business are typically running on very tight budgets today, which means that every cost needs to be considered carefully. This includes outside vendors and service suppliers. A business needs to decide which is more affordable, having an outside company provide a service or having their own staff handle that same service. Financial benefits are not the only factors to consider, however, especially when thinking of using a Miami headhunter for hiring.


One thing to remember about an executive search firm in Miami is that they are experts at finding the best candidates for your positions. They typically have years of experience and so are adept at placing ads where they will be seen by the best candidates, in rooting out and narrowing down that initial list of responders, and in conducting initial interviews to narrow down the candidate choices even more.

There are some immediate benefits that come with this experience; one is that it should take them less time to find the best candidates for your position. Your own staff may waste hours placing ads on websites that won’t draw in the best candidates or reviewing resumes without really knowing what to look for; this means you’re paying them for this wasted time, and that your search will take that much longer. A good Miami headhunter can “cut to the chase” and find you the best candidates and find them quickly and efficiently.

Seeing the Best

When you have an open position, you only want the best and most qualified persons for that position. Executive search firms in Miami will ensure that you do see only the best when you’re ready for final interviews. This means you waste less of your time, and are sure to fill your position with a highly qualified candidate. This is especially important when you need to hire officers or executives, or those in management positions. It’s often difficult for those who are not skilled at interviewing to know how to whittle down their own pool of candidates, so using executive search firms in Miami can ensure you don’t waste your time speaking to candidates without the right qualifications and who will not be the best fit for your company and industry.

Save Time and Money

Saving you time means saving you money. You may not realize how much you pay to fill a position when you rely on your own human resources staff to place ads or conduct interviews, but the process can be lengthy and therefore costly for you. An executive search firm in Miami saves you money because they save you time, on top of being able to conduct an effective search for the best candidates for your position. When you’re ready to fill a position in your business, it’s good to be realistic about how much you actually spend for your own staff, and how much more skilled that professional search firm is for such a search, making them the best decision for your company.

Job Opportunities in India

Mecca for Job Seekers

India is one of the very few countries throughout the world that is fast emerging as the Mecca for job seekers. One of the major reasons for its emergence is the country’s resilient economic status that has opened new vistas for the younger generation in a large number of areas of the Indian corporate sector. There has been an unprecedented growth in the industrial sector where emphasis has been laid on plans for expansion of business and providing ample opportunities for the professionally qualified youth in the country.

Global Recession

Around five years ago, when the developed and advanced countries throughout the world were grappling with the world wide recession resulting in millions of people losing their jobs overnight and found themselves on the road. Large and well established corporate companies that were considered to be the stalwarts of the industry were in dire financial crisis. They were on the threshold of bankruptcy albeit they had implemented stricter steps on cost cutting and reducing their manpower costs.

The Indian Scenario

On the contrary, the economic situation in India demonstrated an upward swing and the industrial sector in the country provided the thrust to the economy of the country. Although there were slight alarms sounding across the industry, yet these were not very evident. There were hardly any situations where people lost their jobs, however the job market was considered to be on a new high with a large number of corporate companies imposing pressure on their Human Resources departments to scout for the cream of talent available in the country. There is no dearth of jobs in India; rather people from other countries traveled all over the world to seek jobs in India. India had gravitated towards becoming a global hub for job seekers mainly due to its economic boom and its rising stature as one of the most prosperous and developing countries in the world.

The IT Sector

There are several spheres in the Indian industry that has flourished which has led to a plethora of multinational companies setting up base in the country. One of the most thriving sectors of the Indian industry has been the Information Technology sector which has opened new avenues for IT jobs in India. India has a vast potential for Software Engineering and Development which has resulted in an extraordinary increase in IT jobs in India.

It is firmly believed that at the current rate of accelerated of economic growth, the country would witness a phenomenal growth in the job market for several years to come.

Railway Recruitment Invites Application In Technical Trades

Indian Railways provides efficient and affordable transport solutions. The railway department of India is totally focused for customer service and it gives the integrated transport services to the public. The Railway department depicts the growth of various sectors imparting a major role in all of them. Be it commerce, Industrial or tourism. The integrated team of employees is committed to make it the best and largest transportation system in the world. The Railway recruitment board recruits such a team, after an extensive series of written exams and interviews. The career with Indian railways is very secure and full of responsibilities. There are various zones in the Indian railways, roll out the vacancies in different departments every year.

Recently the Railway recruitment board has invited the applications from technical trades. The Indian Railway requires Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers along with the telecommunication specialists and few other professionals. These other professional requirements are comprise of the accounts department, personal management, protection and security i.e. Railway Police Forces. The Positions in Indian railways are broadly categorized in Group A, B, C and D. The Group A belongs to the Officers cadre, which are recruited by UPSC exams. Group D is the lowest ranked cadre.

For applying in the Group A, a candidate has to qualify the UPSC examination. The selection for Indian Railway Accounts Service and Indian Railway traffic services are the examinations of Civil Services. The Engineering services exams are conducted by the Combined Engineering Services Examinations or the CESC. The Special Class railway apprentice exam is conducted annually to fill more than 50% of the mechanical vacancies in Indian Railway. The Railway Recruitment board gets the huge response for SCRA exams and millions of applicants fill up this application form. The employees of Group B are the promoted employees of Group C.

The Boards of Railway Recruitment conducts group C and Group D examinations. There are total nineteen Railway Recruitment boards. These boards invite applications for various posts of C and D category every year. The RRB also sets the minimum qualification benchmark for the different posts. Any Indian citizen, irrespective of any region or language, can apply for these positions of any zone. These exams have the few sub sections like General Studies (including history, geography, politics, economy etc.), language, Mathematical operations with logic and reasoning questions. For many posts in D group, these all are not required, the selection board is more interested to know about the skill of the person, for which he has applied. There are few training centers also run by the Indian Railways in order to provide the sufficient training to selected group of candidates.