The Five Languages in the Work Place

When studies and books came out discussing the five love languages, relationship and romance blogs went wild. However, as time has gone by, the experts have realized that the love languages have corollaries in almost every relationship. The way that people respond to one another and receive encouragement and affirmation are also based off the same languages. While the ways that these methods of affirmation are demonstrated will be significantly different from the ways that you would show your spouse, you can still adapt these languages to fit within the workplace. After all, you can use the best recruiting software in the business, but you still have to find ways to keep your employees around. You can get to know your employees individually to the point that you know which ones work best, but as a general rule and for starting out, it is a good idea to use a combination of all the languages.

Quality Time

Quality time is best given through one on one time between you and the employees. This can be in a personal feedback setting or just at the water cooler. In quality time, the focus is on getting to know the other person better and establishing stronger communication. This can also be achieved socially through office parties an the like, although professionalism should still be maintained.

Physical Touch

This is probably one of the trickiest ones to implement, and if it doesn’t work, then feel free to skip it altogether. However, some people place a great deal of stock in physical touch, and it can still be done professionally. Most of the time, you would accomplish this through a high five or a handshake to say congratulations. Lengthy hugs and kisses are generally not a good idea.


Every so often, it’s good to recognize the hard work that your employees have done and reward them with some little gift. The gift should be something which you pick out which you think that they would like. Gift cards are all right, but they do not have the same thoughtfulness that a personalized gift would have.


When you volunteer and work alongside your employees to ensure that everything is going smoothly, you demonstrate that you are a part of the team. These acts of service also show that you don’t feel that you are above your employees. This can be a huge morale boost, and working collaboratively can also lead to further communication and development of the employer employee relationship.

Words of Affirmation

By encouraging employees in the specific things that they have done well, you encourage them to keep trying. Listing specific things makes it more likely that they will do these things as well. In general, these words of affirmation can be spoken or they can be written out. Either way, they should be personal and sincere. Employees can tell when you’re lying to them, and it won’t do anyone any favors if you do.