Getting A Foot In The Recruitment Door

Whatever industry you are in, there will be people aspiring to be like you, but when it comes to recruitment this is a lucrative business that so many people want a part of. With outsourcing almost becoming standard for big companies, and high commissions on offer for ideal matches there are ample opportunities out there.

Challenging and rewarding are two things that people often say about the industry when they speak about it. That said, there are always going to different levels of success for every person while the size and styles of companies can lead to either positive or negative viewpoints of this part.

Understanding the job description

The first thing to understand is what the job actually entails. In its simplest form, being a recruitment consultant is about finding and attracting top candidates for temporary or permanent roles. What you will be doing is working with the client companies to understand their requirements and needs through a strong relationship.

Once this is done, it’s all about networking and headhunting to find the potential candidates for the position, before screening and interviewing them, ahead of background checks and matching. Typical activities would be – amongst many other things – searching, reviewing and advertising.

Entry requirements

While the top degree to hold for this industry is human resources, it tends to be open for every graduate. While there are certain qualities that a good recruiter will possess, holding market or industry related degrees can prove the difference. These include:

– You need to be capable of handling pressure and meeting deadlines because this is part and parcel of the job.

– Have confidence and ambition.

– Be creative.

– Be financially motivated.

– Have great communication and interpersonal skills.

– Work well in a team.

– Possess the ability to create sales and solve problems.

With fierce competition, it is always beneficial to be able to boast experience in customer-oriented sales and marking. With the recruitment industry now thought to be home to more than 100,000 employees, it’s even more possible than ever to get a successful career through this.

Developing your career

People learn most of their skills on the job, but there are always ways to develop your career outside working hours. With many books showing how some people made it to the top, a trainee recruitment consultant can know the route to travel that will take them to the top.

Progression tends to be based solely on success because of the target driven industry that you will be working in. It’s all about showing how good you are, and while nobody likes a show off you can’t keep your head down if you’re going to get to the top.