Low-cost Modern Recruiting

Recruiting is a cost center in any business. In an odd way, it’s like a reversal of sales: you pay to mount a retail-level campaign to convince people that you should give them still more money. Meanwhile, personnel recruitment charges overhead costs against still other departments, such as IT. Ironically, headhunting firms profit from the same recruiting activities by promising to minimize their cost. The prospect of dollars going to someone else’s bottom line is enough to make any human resources manager look for ways to keep tasks in-house. One way to do this is with free recruiting software.

Open-Source Recruiting Applications

The open-source movement has created an astonishingly deep pool of high-quality, free software. From web servers and browsers to desktop applications, open-source programs allow even the smallest firms to compete with the same tools as giant corporations. Free to use, transparent to developers and free to customize, they’re godsends for large and small organizations alike. Unlike time-limited trials or reduced-functionality demos, open-source programs can be full-featured and robust. Unlike purchased software, open-source avoids the escalating costs of per-seat licensing or annual licensing fees. Free recruiting software has been made available to the public under open-source licenses, bringing their benefits to the human resources community.

Recruiting in the Cloud

The “cloud”-that great buzzword of the early 2010s-is basically the second coming of time-shared computing, at least as far as IT budgets and control are concerned. The plus is that someone else is responsible for writing, updating and maintaining software for you. The downside is that you become dependent on someone else for your software and server hardware, which compels you to pay them for its rental. Fortunately, some cloud computing vendors have other business models, attracting clients through the offer of free recruiting software online. This is another way for small or new businesses to operate on the same level with major competitors. The cloud vendor bears the cost of hardware, software, bandwidth and IT personnel. You can concentrate your resources on the fundamentals of getting talent in the door.

In more austere times, other employers aren’t your only competition. Other departments within your organization compete for its dollars. As the quintessential “overhead” department, Human Resources needs every edge it can get. Whether through open-source or the cloud, creative sourcing of free recruiting software will allow you to put your money where it counts: people.

Uttarakhand Rajasthan And Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission

Every state conducts examinations for recruitment into its adminsitrative services. The state commissions are appointed for this purpose. They recruit individuals for various posts in the state government. These commissions are given the responsibility to appoint individuals based on pure talent and skills. They also manage all the functions related to the administrative exams, like designing the question paper, setting the syllabus etc. They are appointed by the government of the state which takes care of its expenses. These commissions, unlike UPSC, recruit only on the state level.

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission:Under the Article 315, constitution of India by the Governor of Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand Public Service Commission was formed.

It has undertaken the responsibility of conducting exams for the Services of the Union and the Services of the State respectively.

It also recruits candidates through interviews conducted every year for various administrative posts in the state.

The syllabus and the pattern of the Uttarakhand Public Service Exam is also designed by highly trained group of professionals from the commission. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission:Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission recruits individuals for all government jobs in Madhya Pradesh.

It recruits candidates through direct selection, promotions and transfer of services on deputation from one department to another/ from one government state to another. It also decides the framing rules, the area for conducting the exam and personal interviews.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission:

The Rajasthan Public Service Commission consists of one chair man and six members for a period of 5 years. The members of the commission are appointed by 5 years.

It not merely appoints candidates for various posts in the Rajasthan but also advice the methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts.

It also deals with promotion of candidates within the state government.Transfer of candidates within the state is also under the rule of Rajasthan Public Service Commission. It conducts Senior Scale Promotion Exams for BCS cadre officials and also Department Exams for both cadre and non-cadre officials.

Thus, these commissions from Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh recruit capable individuals on state level. These recruited individuals can also apply for posts in central government. The exams conducted by all these commissions are very difficult to crack. Thorough preparation is required to clear these exams and the interview. There are some posts for which, direct interview is conducted. They also transfer already appointed individuals based on their work record.

Scope And Opportunities Available in Gas Jobs

When we think about oil and gas jobs, few things that come to our mind are big ships, huge machines, containers and people wearing same color clothes with helmets. Another presumed notion about jobs in gas industry is that only people with strong-built can be successful at these jobs for these require to do only laborious work. This isn’t true. In fact, gas industry is one of the industries where all kind of candidates with professional degree or without any professional degree are welcomed, these jobs varies in nature and so does the requirements for the right set of people.

When we look at gas jobs or Gas industry as a whole the opportunities are available across the globe. The demand for skilled labor is really high and talent pool is limited which makes it high on remuneration. Another note-worthy thing about this industry is that it is not only limited to the oil and gas industry rather even IT industry is looking for people with exposure into this industry for such candidates can play a critical part in the process of software developments for the gas industry.

Scope of Jobs in Gas Industry: A person looking for a career in this industry can choose from multiple roles within which includes marketing, sales, distribution, finance, IT etc. other than classic gas production jobs. The scope for careers in gas industry is getting wider year on year as the demand is increasing and if the common predictions are to be believed this industry will be producing various highly demanded profiles in the near future.

High-end Jobs at Gulf Countries Mainly: Although, gas jobs are available across the globe, but majority of the demand is in countries like Saudi Arabia, Middle East, UAE, Europe, USA etc. These jobs are more or less similar in nature and are high paying too. The benefits are really high and these jobs also give us an opportunity to work in different location and to see the world. Most of the workers and professionals are highly-paid in this industry and hence are entitled to an upbeat lifestyle and enjoy several luxuries.

Seeking Gas Jobs Via Internet: During old days it was really difficult to explore job- opportunities across the globe. But, with the growth of technology and the use of internet, job boards and job sites it has become really easy for an individual to explore gas jobs in any location while sitting at one part of the world. People are getting attracted to this industry as it pays really well and growth is enormous. Moreover, in some countries as there are no taxes on the earning hence, the saving is really high which attracts people towards these jobs as they can save a great deal on their hard earned money.

How To Avoid Believing Recruitment Myths

When it comes to any line of work, there has to be a solid mix of natural attribute and acquired knowledge to climb that ladder. In recruitment, the staples that people look for are social skills, flexibility and timing but what else should you be looking for?

Have you ever been completely wrong about a job candidate? Believing in these recruitment myths will often be the reason for this. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes by reading this article.

Myth #1: Education and experience is the full story.

Unfortunately, the emphasis is sometimes placed on the years that a candidate has had a job or how long they spent at school. However, the truth is that some of the best candidates will display a raw talent that needs only minimal development in order for him or her to be a success in the given job position. When it comes to filling a job, a resume only tells half the story, so be prepared to evaluate a host of other factors–ability to communicate, personal appearance and your gut instinct as a professional–to determine if a candidate will be a good fit for the job.

Myth #2: Position suitability of a candidate will be revealed during a job interview.

Although it is certainly a valuable tool for candidate evaluation, there are several downsides to job interviews that recruiters should recognize. To begin, most recruiters ask only the most common questions during an interview, which are more likely to generate rehearsed responses than to reveal the character of the candidate. In order to overcome this disadvantage, come up with a creative process for the job interview. For example, bring the candidate in for a day of work to see how he or she responds to the challenges presented in the role that you are trying to fill.

Myth #3: Finding out how a candidate handles a challenge can be done during the interview by adding pressure through questioning.

This is almost always a negative way to begin what may be a very long relationship between the candidate and the hiring company. Keep in mind that interviews are already nerve-wracking enough for most candidates, and unnecessary pressure might result in a negative performance for an otherwise stellar potential employee.

Myth #4: The hiring company always has the upper hand in the hiring process.

Job interviews and recruitment fairs are activities which make the candidate buy into the hiring company as much as you can find the right people for jobs. Especially in higher-paid positions, each candidate may have something unique to offer your client’s company that you won’t be able to find in anyone else. Never stall negotiations regarding salary or wait too long to offer the position because this can greatly sour the deal.

Myth #5: During a down economy, you shouldn’t actively recruit.

While it is true that the current demand for jobs may be greater than the supply, one of the worst ways to respond to the job market is to act passively. Your inbox may be flooded with hundreds or even thousands of resumes, but that won’t ensure that you are attracting the very best talent. Keep making connections and talking to people to find out who the most qualified candidates are.

These five myths are only the beginning. The more myths that you can uncover, then the finer you will tune the recruitment process, and thus enable you to be a better recruiter and discover more talent.

Informatics Registered Nurse Job Duties And Responsibilities

Today each and every business sectors and industries are technology dependent, as most of their work is only possible with the help of it. Nursing industry, tagged as the fastest growing industry is also somehow reliant on technology. In health care industry, the department that deals with the technology is known as the informatics nursing and its members are known as Informatics Nurses. Informatics nurses are in charge of switching intact data allied work in the health care organization.

Demand of the Informatics Nurse

In the health care organization, various important data are required to handle safely and separately. To maintain such huge amount of data, equally huge numbers of informatics nurses are necessitated. Their stipulated demand is steadily increasing and it is speculated that this demand will continue to rise in coming years too.

The contenders hopeful to seize this post, need to have tremendous working ability to work for hours and must also be skilled in handling the data in appropriate manner. Such candidates can go a long way in this sector.

How to become Informatics Nurse?

It is compulsory to earn bachelors’ or associates’ degree in nursing and to clear the NCLEX-RN examination in order to join the training program for informatics nurse. After successful completion of the training classes, applicants need to go through the certification examination administered by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). You must be wondering that why is it necessary to become an RN to avail the designation of informatics nurse? The answer is quite simple, as we know that the job duties of informatics nurse is related to data handling, maintaining and providing it to appropriate department, so it is essential to have all the knowledge related to the nursing sector, and that is why they are insisted to gain the nursing license before moving on to the desired post.

Job Duties and Responsibilities of Informatics Nurse

The wide range of duties and responsibilities of informatics nurse include- to knob all sorts of data discretely, creating the bills of the residents, maintaining the invoice of expenditures of the care center’s, sustaining the reports of diagnosis and other medical check ups of the clients, transferring the data to its respective department and lots of other job duties as well as directed by the senior staff.

Salary of Informatics Nurse

The Informatics nurses are paid lucrative amount as their salary. They also avail the same benefits like other sorts of senior nurses. The average amount of salary that an informatics nurse earns yearly is approx. $96,000. The best of the informatics nurses are also offered interdepartmental promotions and salary increments as per health care center’s norms.

Common Written Exam in 2011 for Bank Po Recruitment

Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) is an autonomous Organization that deals with recruiting capable candidates for public sector banks through outsourcing. It has efficiently recruited candidates for various reputable banks, for many years and continues to grow farther. In 2011, It has introduced a new strategy called the common written exams which would recruit candidates for the post of bank po, for 19 public sector banks.

Institute of Banking Personnel has been working efficiently for many years and is one of the largest recruiters of India. Every year it comes up with novel strategies for recruitment which turn out to be a blessing for the aspiring candidates. It has a large team and a wide-spread network which covers various states of India. It has the capability to conduct many exams in one session, due to its large strength of employees. It not only recruits through outsourcing but also promotes the employees already working with the company. It has a broad vision to realize the potential of its candidates and support them by promoting them to next level. Its faculty consists of a strong team og highly qualified professionals in various fields like Psychology, Trading Industry, Banking sector etc. Its recruitment method is influenced by western technology and it follows international models like ETS for recruitment. Thus, a large mass of aspiring candidates resort to IBPS for recruitment in various banks.

However, its recent endeavor, the Common Written Exam, to be conducted in 2011 has gained it much appreciation. Such large scale recruitment is taking place for the first time in India. It includes 19 public sector banks who have volunteered to take part. The exam papers are designed by an efficient team of IBPS. The results of the exam would be presented in a score card. This score can be later presented to any of the participatory bank when a vacancy arrives. Based on the marks in the score card, the candidate can directly reach the interview session. This would reduce the cost required for recruitment and also save time. Such a large scale recruitment, would also ensure that the quality is not compromised on, and only the most deserving and capable candidates are recruited for the post of bank po.

Thus, this new strategy of CWE exams (in 2011) aims to introduce a novel concept of large scale recruitment in India. IBPS is working hard on the preparations and aims to make it a huge success.

How To Land On The Best Nanny Jobs Agencies

Sometimes, the daily commitments in life usually consume the space that would have been used by families to effectively run the affairs of their homes. It is on this note that there is need for extra task force that is in a position to offer support. On the other hand, some families may be affected by factors such as old age, or the availability of juniors who need constant attendance that may not be provided by the family unit as a whole. This is where nanny jobs come in handy.

It is on this note that a nanny agency plays a vital role when it comes to offering the necessary support needed. However, some people make lots of mistakes when it comes to outlining the credentials to consider when seeking their services. This article provides the necessary qualifications that should be followed when considering the right candidates for this job.

The primary consideration for any type of employment revolves around experience. The applicant has to display some evidences of experience. This enables them to handle matters on a professional ground other than struggling to make things work out. Experience is for the good of whoever is to be taken care of. Once you have employed such nannies, you will be at peace with yourself since you are guaranteed of safety for whoever is to be taken care of, be it kids.

Passion is another primary role. The nannies have to be passionate with their work. It is not surprising to notice that some nanny agencies have staffs who do not like what they do. They must show some signs of dedication when it comes to handling the kids.

Often, kids tend to like workers who are ever interactive. That is what characterizes the life of children. Good nanny services have to be as loving as possible, be able to interact easily and also be understanding.

The other requirement for this type of job is perseverance. Handling children is a tedious task. As a matter of fact, the faint hearted are never suitable. It requires some element of patience and urgency so as to be able to learn them and work better. A good nanny service is the one that has the capability to offer nannies who are hard working and ready to take the ensuing challenges associated with this task.

The other basic requirement is all about being educative. The children have to learn a few things during the period they have spent with them. Of course, this educative aspect is ever on the positive side. The worker has to be in a position to create a positive impact on the lives of children.

These toddlers tend to have high learning abilities and it matters a lot how the persona in charge of them is behaving. If at all the attendant is have negative values, you will be sure to notice it reflected on the attendees. Still on matters regarding commitment, nannies jobs require lots of attention. You should be able to define the time you need them and what you are willing to offer.

Do You Know About Family Practice Physician

A family practice physician is one of the most common family practice jobs. He is the primary contact for any individual in case of any consultations on a day to day basis for himself or for the members of the family. In case of any health concern, the person at first goes to see the family practice physician. Generally, the family practice physician is involved more than just providing the health advice to the person and can help him on various family issues as well. He is more closely associated with the family.

The various family practice jobs are very much common as far as the physician recruitment is concerned. For the regular check ups or the common ailments as the flu, infections or any other ailment; the family practice physician is the first person contacted by anybody. The physician involved in the family practice jobs will diagnose the patient initially and based on that will refer to any specialist doctor for further treatment, in case needed. For most of the not so serious ailments, the family physician will do the most of the treatment in house and will be glad to assist in any times of emergency, even at the odd hours.

As far as the physician recruitment is concerned, there are many family practice jobs available that you can find. The family practice physician is generally regarded as a trusted member of the community and the first person to contact for counseling on any health related topics. Whatever you are looking for, diet, sex, exercise or lifestyle; you can get the counseling from him to help you out. You can feel confident to speak to him about the various personal problems to get advice on them. He is the one who is not only bothered about taking care of the health of the individual and the family members, but is more involved in the family and can help you out in any cases of emergency whenever you seek the help. He indeed forms an important and vital part of the community helping so many people and impacting their lives in a very positive way.

Hospitalist work have become of the most popular work in the present job market situation due to a rise in the inhabitants and with many searching for medical care amenities. If someone is looking for a profession in nursing homes then one can decide to become a physician. Many nursing homes are outfitted with modern-day gadgets and amenities to deal with any crisis.

The Five Languages in the Work Place

When studies and books came out discussing the five love languages, relationship and romance blogs went wild. However, as time has gone by, the experts have realized that the love languages have corollaries in almost every relationship. The way that people respond to one another and receive encouragement and affirmation are also based off the same languages. While the ways that these methods of affirmation are demonstrated will be significantly different from the ways that you would show your spouse, you can still adapt these languages to fit within the workplace. After all, you can use the best recruiting software in the business, but you still have to find ways to keep your employees around. You can get to know your employees individually to the point that you know which ones work best, but as a general rule and for starting out, it is a good idea to use a combination of all the languages.

Quality Time

Quality time is best given through one on one time between you and the employees. This can be in a personal feedback setting or just at the water cooler. In quality time, the focus is on getting to know the other person better and establishing stronger communication. This can also be achieved socially through office parties an the like, although professionalism should still be maintained.

Physical Touch

This is probably one of the trickiest ones to implement, and if it doesn’t work, then feel free to skip it altogether. However, some people place a great deal of stock in physical touch, and it can still be done professionally. Most of the time, you would accomplish this through a high five or a handshake to say congratulations. Lengthy hugs and kisses are generally not a good idea.


Every so often, it’s good to recognize the hard work that your employees have done and reward them with some little gift. The gift should be something which you pick out which you think that they would like. Gift cards are all right, but they do not have the same thoughtfulness that a personalized gift would have.


When you volunteer and work alongside your employees to ensure that everything is going smoothly, you demonstrate that you are a part of the team. These acts of service also show that you don’t feel that you are above your employees. This can be a huge morale boost, and working collaboratively can also lead to further communication and development of the employer employee relationship.

Words of Affirmation

By encouraging employees in the specific things that they have done well, you encourage them to keep trying. Listing specific things makes it more likely that they will do these things as well. In general, these words of affirmation can be spoken or they can be written out. Either way, they should be personal and sincere. Employees can tell when you’re lying to them, and it won’t do anyone any favors if you do.

How Organizations Of Flat Fee Recruitment Can Help The Businesses

Since the beginning of an internet, approximately everything is obtainable on the internet, from shoes and clothes to the medicine, food items and kitchenware, furniture or fashion. No issue it is the service or item, everything in the current era has the online presence. The companies are shrinking and decreasing staff, saving costs and money and enhancing production using the latest techniques and technologies. In the similar way, most companies prefer utilizing services of recruitment firm to employ the fresh workers. There are much more work seekers than the jobs posted online, so that is why searching the accurate and appropriate candidate online is not really tough work, even though this can be extremely time taking due to the quantity of requests you can get.

This is suggested firstly for the organizations to search firms of Flat Fee Recruitment compared to expensive and traditional, high rate firms in a marketplace. Such firms are much well-organized than the traditional firms and just charge the minimum costs for each and every individual you employ from their job. And they don’t demand to take a salary percentage for the initial couple of years such as the conventional recruitment firm would, thus saving money of the businesses overall.

And as the planet has turn into the global village, the internet is in a reach of approximately every person, these Flat Fee Recruitment firms use the recruitment campaigns and smart email and use the influence of the social media in order to get in touch with the thousands of unemployed persons. These Flat Fee Recruitment firms can reach the lots more persons than the newspaper advertisement. This is one of the biggest advantages of these types of firms.

When you have spent the least time in finding for the reasonable, less charging and accurate Flat Fee Recruitment firm and you find the best one then all you require doing is to only complete the forms of predefined and few information and talk to the firm agent for the minimum charges which they charge. And you don’t require talking for several of hours troubling your busy time of working to explain the conditions, terms and criteria, qualities and skills of workers which you are searching for. These Flat Fee Recruitment firms in the United Kingdom know and understand all of it and they are extremely competent at searching the appropriate and best candidates.

The Flat Fee Recruitment firm will perform the hunt on your side and get the finest candidates for the interview. The hassle free and effective services that the Flat Fee Recruitment firms are offering, encourages organizations to give up the applicant search liability to the Flat Fee Recruitment firm. And there is absolutely no requirement to employ the separate employees and to reimburse them salaries that saves the great money for the United Kingdom businesses in current era.

These Flat Fee Recruitment firms covers up approximately all the places, only due to these firms charge very less doesn’t indicate they’re restricted and don’t offer applicants for all the fields. And there can services for employing in education, clerical, accounting, medical, information technology and engineering fields among the others.